[ System ] Edit

[ Character Creation ] Edit

As Will of Metatron, begin play at second level with 1000 exp. Choose one of the following Wealth Packages.

Option Installed Interfaces Interface Rank Augmentations Wealth
A 2 C 3 1d6
B 1 B 3 1d6
C - - - 1d6+6

[ Actions Points ] Edit

As in the Will of Metatron, Action Points are a means of tracking the progression of time and used to provide gameplay elements to periods of downtime. In Metatron: Red Light action points are gained when a new mission scenario is selected, the number of action points gained is based on the amount of time available before the mission begins.

[ Cybernetics ] Edit

Installing and adapting to the use of a Cybernetic Interface is a difficult experience, one that seldom fails to leave a lasting impact. A Character who installs a Cybernetic Interface permanently lose 2 points of Charisma, this ability damage can not be recovered by any means. Once installed, a cybernetic interface allows its user to benefit from a number of augmentations. These upgrades must be purchased and installed in the appropriate Cybernetic Interface as listed in the Catalog.

[ Magic and the Planes ] Edit

In the Will of Metatron Arcane magic is directly related to Metaton and its abilities to empower those who come into contact with it. In Metatron: Red Light, the Ethereal Plane is also considered linked to the presence of Metatron, specifically a Radiation Field surrounding Chrysallis City. This field is generated by the Colonies Engine Array and is manipulated by a beacon emitting a SET Pulse to create a Meta-Synchronization Field. [ Under Construction ]

[ Gauntlets and Artifacts ] Edit

A Gauntlet is an Artificial Reality Plane that can be accessed through the Meta-Synchronization Network. Artifacts are randomly generated Magic Items found within Gauntlets that can be used by a Ghost. A character can only posses up to 3 artifacts at any one time. Consumable Items found during Gauntlets do not count against this limit. [ Under Construction ]

[ Injury and Death ] Edit

When a character is brought to -1 Hit Points they receive an Injury. Most Injuries can be treated with the heal skill, recovering 1 point of ability damage per successful check. Damaged cybernetics can be repaired with the repair skill while destroyed cybernetics are lost. Replacing destroyed cybernetics does not incur the usual charisma damage associated with installing a new interface. A character brought to [ -10 - [ Constitution Modifier ] HP dies.

d20 Injury Effect DC
1 Critical Damage Skull 2d4 Cha Damage, Destroy Skull Cybernetics 24
2 Critical Damage Core 2d4 Con Damage, Destroy Core Cybernetics 24
3 Critical Damage Arm 2d4 Str Damage, Destroy Arm Cybernetics 22
4 Critical Damage Leg 2d4 Dex Damage, Destroy Leg Cybernetics 22
5 Severe Damage Skull 1d6 Cha Damage, Damage Skull Cybernetics 20
6 Severe Damage Core 1d6 Con Damage, Damage Core Cybernetics 20
7 Severe Damage Arm 1d6 Str Damage, Damage Arm Cybernetics 18
8 Severe Damage Leg 1d6 Dex Damage, Damage Leg Cybernetics 18
9 Moderate Damage Skull -2 AC 18
10 Moderate Damage Core -4 Fortitude Saves 18
11 Moderate Damage Arm -2 Attack Rolls 16
12 Moderate Damage Leg -4 Reflex Saves 16
13 Stunned If Character regains conciousness they remain Stunned for 1d4+1 Rounds N/A
14 Nauseated If Character regains conciousness they remain Nauseated for 1d4+1 Rounds N/A
15 Stunned If Character regains conciousness they remain Stunned for 1d4 Rounds N/A
16 Nauseated If Character regains conciousness they remain Nauseated for 1d4 Rounds N/A
17 No Effect N/A
18 No Effect N/A
19 Stabalize Character recovers to 0 HP N/A
20 Second Wind Character recovers to 1/2 HP N/A

[ Metanet Synchronization ] Edit

Accessing the Metanet requires that the user be within range of the Meta-Synchronization Network. Connecting to the network requires 1 full-round action.

[ Metanet Security Systems ] Edit

Spell like Security Systems are often placed inside mission locations. Effects can vary, see Haunts [ Under Construction ]

[ Meta-Physical Storage ] Edit

Allows storage and transfer of Meta-Physical Items such as Schematics, Executables and Data Files. Accessing anothers Meta-Physical storage requires a Direct Connection and a Use Computer check equal to 10+HD+Highest Mental Attribute Bonus. Once access has been gained all desired items can be acquired by transferring them into ones own Storage, which requires a full-round action.

[ Ghost Manipulation ] Edit

When connected to the Meta-Synchronization Network, this ability allows the user to manifest a "Ghost", a player controlled ally with the Incorporeal Subtype , in their current location. Any Damage received by the Ghost is instead transferred as Non-Lethal damage to the manifester after applying a DR equal to the Ghost's constitution bonus.The users ghost is created as a first level character of any race with no flaws or traits, any racial level adjustments must be bought off immediately upon creation. This character may be leveled up using the same system as other player characters. Purchasing Class Advancements for a Ghost that is below level 6 costs half the usual amount of EXP. Manifesting or Dismissing a Ghost is a swift action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. When not manifested a ghost is considered to Inhabit the same space as it's User and may still take standard, swift and immediate actions but not move or full-round actions as per the Malevolence ability. Ghosts can be targeted by spells and abilities that specifically target undead even when not manifested.

[ Overdrive Dice ] Edit

Overdrive Dice are d6's that can be rolled along with or opposed to any d20 result that directly impacts your character, such as aiding or obstructing an attack roll or saving throw. Overdrive dice can be gained by Lethal Elimination of targets and by threatening a Critical Hit on an Attack Roll. Characters can store up to their level in Overdrive dice, any gained after this limit has been reached are forfeit. Any Dice that remain upon the completion of a scenario are lost.

[ Activate Executable ] Edit

An Executable works similarly to a scroll, however, it does not require the spell to be known or a Use Magic Device Check to be rolled. Spell DC's and Effects use the casters Total Level instead of Caster Level. Executables only function when connected to the Metanet.

[ Action Points and Titles ] Edit

After a mission is selected players are given a specified number of Actions Points to be spent in preparation for the scenario. Action Points can be used on Universal Actions and Specialty Actions. Specialty Actions can only be undertaken by characters with the corresponding Title while Universal Actions can be used by all characters. A character chooses their first Title upon reaching level three and a second Title upon advancing to level 6.

Name Description DC
[ Title ] Benefactor May Pay 1 wealth to add 1d6 to a Wealth Check Result
[ Title ] Combatant May Exchange Action Points for Overdrive Dice
[ Title ] Investigator Spend AP to Receive Specific Information regarding a single Subject Investigate | Varies
[ Title ] Freelancer Spend AP to gain 1 Wealth Profession | Wealth + 15
[ Title ] Medic Spend AP to Perform 2 Heal Checks Heal | Varies
[ TItle ] Mechinist Spend AP to Repair 2 Mechanical Items Repair | Varies
[ Title ] Negotiator Spend AP to Add 1 Wealth to Mission Reward Social | Varies
[ Title ] Netrunner Spend AP to Identify Meta-Net Security Systems in a Specified Area Use Computer | Network Security DC +2
[ Title ] Researcher Spend AP to Receive General Information about a broad subject Knowledge | Varies
[ Title ] Supplier Spend AP to Craft and Double the amount of Consumable Items Crafted Craft | Standard + 2
[ Universal ] Craft Item Craft Item Craft | Varies
[ Universal ] Knowledge Gain General Knowledge Knowledge | Varies
[ Universal ] Purchase Purchase Item Wealth | Varies
[ Universal ] Recover Heal 1 Point of Ability Damage Heal | Varies
[ Universal ] Repair Repair Mechanical Item Repair | Varies

[ Campaign Specific Character Options] Edit

[ Feat ] Natural Manifester Edit

Prerequisites: Can only be purchased at character creation.

Characters who select this feat are able to naturally manifest a ghost, Max Level 6.

[ Feat ] Talented Manifester Edit

Prerequisites: Natural Manifester

The maximum Level of the ghost granted by the Natural Manifester feat is increased to 20.

[ Feat ] Overdriven Edit

Prerequisites: 1 Cybernetic Inferface

Characters who select this feat add a +2 bonus to the result of any Overdrive dice rolled.

[ Feat ] Allied Overdrive Edit

Prerequisites: 1 Cybernetic Interface

Characters who select this feat may spend Overdrive Dice to affect the outcome of rolls involving Allies.

[ Feat ] Entitled Edit

Prerequisites: 3rd Level Character

Character gains an additional Title.

[ Trait ] Sense of Self Edit

Characters who select this trait do not take the permanent Charisma Damage normally received when Installing their first Cybernetic Interface. Any Interface Installed beyond the first is unaffected by this trait.

[ Setting ] Edit

[ Metatron ] Edit

[ Orbital Colony: Chrysalis ] Edit

[ Metatron Sickness ] Edit

[ The Surface: Terra ] Edit


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