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A message lies inscribed in the corners of Argo's mind, locating this message activates it.

I must confess, a great guilt weighs upon my mind, for though I was witness to your persecution, I dare not act for fear of revealing myself to our common enemy. Allow me to explain, my name is Korran, my peers know me as the Owl. I am a psionicist from Sumarkand, a land far to the south of Heiros, a place where those of our talents are welcome and celebrated.... ...I fear I must be brief.

I offer you this, If it is answers you seek, answers I can provide. Your blood is that of an ancient line, descended from the Heiran Forefather. The truth behind the man, his legend, distorted to suit the whims of the few, but not all are blind to the histories tale. Heir unified his people, though fear and flame were his tools, razing he who would oppose him to not but ash and smoke. Heir's power was unbridled and nearly without limits, and it is within you that I feel this same strength. Your blood will serve as a beacon, attracting enemies, some who will want you eliminated for fear of what you may bring, others may try to control you to suit their own selfish desires. I myself offer you a chance to choose for yourself. I suspect you shall be hunted by the Heiran Inquisition for your slight against their authority, this will make our continued communication dangerous for the both of us. So I leave you with this, should your travels see you to Sumarkand, seek out Helia, truth is waiting.

The Owl

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