Profile Edit

Located in a back alley lab, Bang Di spends the majority of his time either manufacturing pharmaceuticals or planning his next heist. While unafraid of solo work Bang Di prefers hiring others to take on the more risky endeavors. His supplies are typically not obtained legally, allowing him to etch out a nice market undercutting the larger pharmaceutical companies like Syngenic.

Skills Edit

Craft Pharmaceutical + 18 Edit

Craft Poison +15 Edit

Use Computer +14 Edit

13936924 1003646343081588 4341741 n
Item ( Pharmaceutical ) Effect Onset Duration Fort Save Cost Craft DC
Baseline 10 min. 1 hr. DC 14 26
Cardioamp DC 16 30
Cureall 25
Hemochem ( I ) 23
Hemochem ( II ) 24
Hemochem ( III ) 25
Hemochem ( IV ) 26
Hemochem ( V ) 27
Hype 24
Torpinal 25
Vive 22
Zortaphen 22


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