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A key strategic victory for Midland in the war against Heiros, which ultimately lead to the signing of the Cinder and Smoke Concordance. Having been informed of Midland's plans to amass in Kattegat, the Heiran Master of Arms ordered the main force of the military to route the Town before the fleet could arrive, ensuring a decisive victory. Midland however was not without agents of their own. Positioned on the border near Kattegat, the Band of the Wolf, moved to intercept the Heiran forces and buy time for the approaching fleet. Kattegat held against the brunt of the Heiran Military for two days, inflicting mass casualties among the enemy ranks in the process. The fleet arrived to find a town in ruins but still holding, the few remaining defenders still engaged with the Heiran ground forces. It was not long before the tides of battle turned in Midlands favor, and their enemies routed.

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