Bunraku Breakout [ Mafia ] Edit

It seems the local Yakuza kidnapped the wrong Mafia Don’s daughter to “work” in a Bunraku parlor. The Mafia Don is pissed at this affront to his family, and wants to make the Syndicate pay without getting involved himself. Using his extensive contacts, the Don has managed to locate the parlor his daughter was taken to, and also knows that she hasn’t yet been lobotomized. He wants you to extract his daughter, and eliminate any other Bunraku girls found on site. You're then to release a rather nasty virus that will wipe all of the data on the stored personality chips on the way out, putting the place out of business for good. You'll be provided with a basic layout of the area, the virus and a time limit of 24 hours. Beyond that, and the Don’s daughter is sure to have been lobotomized and put to work.

Bonus Objective 1: Eliminate Bunraku Girl

Bonus objective 2: Release Virus or Otherwise Destroy Equipment

[ Reward ] 500 EXP | +2 WLTH Edit

[ Bonus 1 ] +1 WLTH [ SOLO ] Edit

[ Bonus 2 ] +1 WLTH | +200 EXP Edit


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