Player Characters Edit

Petra Emberfang Edit

  • [ Barbarian 2 ] [ Fighter 1 ] [ Crusader 1 ]

Vattier Klom Edit

  • [ Scout 3 ]

Argo the Kid Edit

  • [ Warlock 2 ] [ Swashbuckler 1 ]

Hirelings [ Upkeep: 0 ] [ - ] Edit

Non-Player Characters Edit

Ulamog the Whirling Devil Edit

While helpful, Ulamog seems to be out only to strike it rich and often demands payment for his services.

Withergrew, Master Alchemist Edit

An eccentric alchemist, rumors of Withergrew's otherworldly engineering are widespread.

Fenris the One Hundred Man Slayer Edit

Former member of the Band of the Wolf, Fenris remained in Heiros following the Cinder and Smoke Concordance.

Gideon Kane Edit

Imperial Seeker and Heiran loyalist, Gideon is currently investigating the disappearance of high magistrate DeCarte.

Korran the Owl Edit

Revealed to Argo as a psionicist from Sumarkand, the truth behind Korran and his motives are a mystery.

Alhambra the Dandyman Edit

A hired assassin working in Heiros, not much is known about the man or his motives.

Carthas Israthi Edit

Son of Ellistair and enemy of the circle, Carthas was subjected to cruel experimentation as part of the Servitor Project.

Gael the Aegis Edit

Former member of the Scarlet Knights of Heiros, Gael turned his back on his order to save Isolda the Seer.

Isolda the Seer Edit

Possessing a talent for divination, Isolda was detained by the inquisition, until rescued by Gael the Aegis.

Leon Faust Edit

Alchemist and former member of the Inquisition, Leon now works to put an end to that which he helped create.

Ellistair Israthi Edit

A gifted arcanist and Current High magistrate of the Circle, Ellistair seeks to rule over Heiros as its forefather once did.

Hanselt Landa Edit

The Inquisitor tasked with the protection of southern heiros, Landa takes great pride in his work.

Orlando the Hawk Edit

Current Warden of Longdale Hallow, Orlando has been investigating the recent skaven attacks.

Deceased Edit

Eckert Lornsdale [ Incinerated by Skaven Alchemist ] Edit

Gambino the Loyal [ Eviscerated by Griffon ] Edit

Saucy Pete [ Impaled by Klom Vattier ] Edit

George Geegland [ Immolated by Argo the Kid ] Edit

Vescial, the Twisting Hunger [ Brutalized by Petra Emberfang ] Edit

Unnamed Mercenaries [ 006 ] Edit

  • [ "We should really start asking these guys names when they join..." - Vattier Klom ]

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