Profile Edit

A Freelancer from the Crossing Merchant Consortium, Fiona is currently managing business interests at Fort Greywall.

Crossing Merchant Consortium Edit

Service Cost TIme
Hireling, Warrior 1 15 SR/GP 3 Days
Hireling, Warrior 2 20 SR/GP 5 Days
Hireling, Archer 1 15 SR/GP 3 Days
Hireling, Archer 2 25 SR/GP 5 Days
Hireling, Worker 10 SR/GP 3 Days
Hireling, Skilled 15 SR/GP 5 Days
Caravan, Light 30 SR/GP
Caravan, Armored 60 SR/GP
Horse, Light 20 SR/GP
Horse, Heavy 30 SR/GP
Ration, Standard 1 SR/GP
Ration, Quality 2 SR/GP
Currency Conversion 1 : .9

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