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Originally a military installation used in the defense of Heiros from foreign invaders, Fort Greywall has recently become a melting pot of cultural exchange and trade. While primarily a Heiran settlement, the Wall's close proximity to Midland territory has caused many of its former residents to abandon their homes, a void which was quickly filled by an influx of Midlanders following the Battle of Kattegat.

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Emberfang Forge [ Merchant ] Edit

Cedrick's Supplies [ Merchant ] Edit

The Bear's Den [ Lodge ] Edit

Crossing Merchant Supply [ Merchant ] Edit

Warden's Quarters [ Quest ] Edit

History Edit

Originally constructed in the second age to deter foreign invasion forces, Fort Greywall stands watch at the southern base of the Cascade Mountains. After the battle of Kattegat in 368 and the subsequent signing of the Cinder and Smoke Concordance in 369, the Wall was ordered open to outsiders.


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