Profile Edit

Seeking to aid his people in securing their newly acquired territory, Garm was one of the first craftsmen from Midland to set up shop in Heiros. Well known for his skill at the anvil, his services are highly sought after by seasoned mercenaries and adventurers.

Craft [ Weaponsmith ] +16 Edit

Craft [ Armorsmith ] +12 Edit

Knowledge [ Local ] + 6 Edit

Emberfang Forge Edit

Service Description Cost Time
Basic Smithing Creates Basic Metal Item [ Weapons ] [ Armor ] - -
Masterwork Smithing Creates Masterwork Metal Weapon or Armor +160 SR 2 Days
Embersteel Smithing Creates Embersteel Weapon [+1d6 Fire] +280 SR 3 Days
Lightweight Smithing Creates Lightweight Metal Armor +240 SR 3 Days

Crafting Edit

Embersteel Arm Prosthetic [ 1 Day ] Edit


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