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Kattegat or simply the "Cat Hole", was the first settlement established by Midland on the continental shore of Heiros and serves to this day as a trading hub between the two nations. Despite the best efforts of the Crossing Merchant Consortium, Kattegat remains free of Heiran tarrifs and taxation.

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Withergrew's Concoctions [ Merchant ] Edit

History Edit

Historically named Clearpoint, by the Heiran settlers, Kattegat was first discovered by Midland explorers during the second age. Tensions between the two nations would mount over the following years as skirmishes over land quickly escalated into hostile relations. In the year 359 of the third age Midland faced a particularly harsh winter resulting in a widespread food shortage, fearing that in a years time they would once again face the same conditions, the Midlander Elders ordered the capture of the newly named Kattegat, setting events in to motion that would lead to the infamous Massacre of Clearpoint in 361 and subsequently the Battle of Kattegat in 368.


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