Information Edit

Before his death, Heir transcribed his philosophies onto elaborate manuscripts, detailing the edicts by which one should lead a devout life. The exact contents of these documents are known only to a few. When not performing rituals, the monastic members of the Order tend the lanterns in towns and along the roads of the Heiran Countryside. Skilled warriors among the faithful are often recruited into the Scarlet Knights of Heiros, a group dedicated to preserving the Order of the Sacred Fire as well as protecting it's followers.

Edicts of the Sacred Fire Edit

  • Hold No Gods Before the Sacred Fire
  • Seek Attonement Through Works
  • Cremate the Fallen to Release them of their Burdens
  • Keep the Pyrelight allow the Sacred Fire to illuminate all corners of Heiros
  • Protect the faithful from the worlds darkness, suffer not the creatures of the night.

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