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Available Quests Edit

Missing Reagent: Wraith Essence [ Delivery ] Edit

Withergrew stumbled upon some old notes, and needs help finding an odd ingredient.

Missing Reagent: Focusing Crystal [ Delivery ] Edit

After completing the schematic design for Klom's activator, Withergrew Informed him of a missing component.

Above the Law [ Side ] Edit

The town of Fool's hope is being terrorized by a ruthless warden and his gang, the Jackals.


Active Quests Edit

Where's the Beef? [ Hunt ] Edit

A recent disappearance of cattle near Greywall has been punctuated by the discovery of desecated corpses, the farmer, with naught to his name, has decided to head north in hopes of reprieve from his misfortunes.

  • Investigate the disappearing cattle [ X ]
  • Deal with the Chuparcabra [ ]
  • [ Reward ] 200 SR
  • [ Reward ] 200 EXP

Slayer Contract: Skaven [ Hunt ] Edit

Skaven activity along the roads south of Greywall has increased as of late, Captain Emmeret is offering a reward for their removal.

  • Eliminate the Skaven scourge [ ]
  • [ Reward ] 15 GP x [ Skaven Tail ]
  • [ Reward ] 300 EXP

Hired Help: The Dandyman [ Side ] Edit

Having lost two Inquisition Servitors, outside assistance has been brought in to "deal" with Argo.

  • Argo and Klom are being Hunted [ ]

Completed Quests Edit

The Chains of Fate [ Tutorial ] Edit

A bizarre apparition appeared to the young girl, Petra. The figure, was draped in a cloak of otherworldly darkness and adorned with the horns of a stag. She spoke but not with words, with soft whispers in Petra's mind, "... ...don't let him wake up."

  • Learn the basics of the Fate Card System [ X ]
  • [ Reward ] 50 EXP
  • [ Reward ] Basic Feat Training

A Shipment for Garm [ Delivery ] Edit

Petra's father, Garm has turned to a small band of mercenaries for his latest delivery to Kattegat. After a few mishaps loading the cargo, Garm decides to have Petra tag along "just in case".

  • Deliver Garm's shipment to Kattegat. [ X ]
  • Deliver Supplies to Garm at Fort Greywall [ X ]
  • [ Reward ] 150 EXP
  • [ Reward ] 300 SR +100 SR +10% Discount

Cart Broke, Fix Yes? [ Ally ] Edit

After an unexpected detour lead to a broken axle, the group found themselves visited by an entrepreneurial goblin named Ulamog, who offered to fix their caravan... for a price.

A Skaven Situation [ Side ] Edit

The party was ruthlessly besieged by a group of rat-like beastmen known as the Skaven, who cleverly made off with Garm's Supplies.

  • Retrieve Garm's Supplies [ X ]
  • [ Reward ] 100 EXP

Slayer Contract: Griffon [ Hunt ] Edit

Captain Emmeret has issued a contract for the removal of a griffon south of Greywall.

  • Survive the Griffon Attack [ X ]
  • [ Reward ] 200 EXP

Crossing Connection: Highwaymen [ Hunt ] Edit

The Crossing Merchant consortium have issued a warning to any merchants traveling the roads between Kattegat and Greywall. Fiona Marine has asked the Brass Bucklers to investigate.

  • Investigate the Dissaperances [ X ]
  • Escape the Bandit Camp [ X ]
  • Eliminate the Remaining Bandits [ X ]
  • Return to Fiona at Fort Greywall [ X ]
  • [ Reward ] 400 SR
  • [ Reward ] 150 EXP

A Sickness of the Flesh [ Event ] Edit

There has been an outbreak of a strange sickness in Kattegat, Withergrew may be working on a cure.

  • Investigate the outbreak [ X ]
  • Assist Withergrew in Capturing a Necrophage [ X ]
  • Explore the western ruins of Kattegat [ X ]
  • Defeat Vescial, the Twisting Hunger [ X ]
  • [ Reward ] Wyvern's Tooth
  • [ Reward ] 600 EXP

The Long Arm of the Law [ Side ] Edit

Argo has been tracked down by an Inquisition Servitor.

  • Survive the encounter with the Inquisition Servitor. [ X ]
  • Survive the second encounter with the Inquisition Servitor. [ X ]
  • [ Reward ] 600 EXP

The Will of Metatron: A Seeker in Greywall [ Main ] [ Petra ] Edit

An investigation into the disappearance of high magistrate DeCarte has led an Imperial Seeker to Fort Greywall.

  • Rescue the Mysterious Man [ X ]
  • Meet up with Ravenheart [ X ]
  • Investigate the Elysian Ruin [ X ]
  • Defeat Vigilance [ X ]
  • [ Reward ] 750 EXP

Fate Cards Edit

Player Card Effect
Petra Emberfang The Big Sky An unexpected arrival will spell freedom for the many
Klom Vattier The Demon's Lantern A dark power has been drawn to a nearby village
Argo the Kid The Owl A watchful eye takes notice of an ancient flame
Klom Vattier The Brass Dwarf A Fire erupts in the blood of the wounded
Argo the Kid The Avalanche A torrential power long dormant brings calamity
Petra Emberfang The Trumpet A disasterous event is fortuitously avoided
Argo the Kid The Cricket An Invitation could lead to perilous circumstances
Klom Vattier The Carnival That which was lost will be returned too late
Argo the Kid The Twin A connection between two fires, both birthed of ancient blood
Petra Emberfang The Forge A sacrifice will temper a new strength
Argo the Kid The Lost A darkness engulfs the mind, madness takes hold
Argo the Kid The Sickness A permanent corruption of the soul, a fire dimmed
Argo the Kid The Desert An invitation draws one towards the sand, where truth awaits
Klom Vattier The Courtesan A foreigner is brought in to handle a difficult problem
Petra Emberfang The Rabbit Prince A solitary soul will come to find a group of loyal warriors
Petra Emberfang The Mute Hag A truth is masked behind a friendly face, an inevitable betrayal
Argo the Kid The Unicorn An accursed beast comes to know a kindred spirit

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