Socialized Healthcare [ Section 7 ] Edit

A local back alley doctor here in 7 can't afford to pay corp rates for medical supplies, nor is it likely she'd be allowed to buy if she had the money. Every so often she can scrape together enough coin to point a team of sympathetic runners at a shipment passing through town though. Working this job you can expect a couple days' notice and the usual route the shipment takes when it's driven through sector 7, but from there it's up to you. Get the truck stopped and either take over or extract contents, and get them back to the delivery location without being followed. The corps at Syngenic wont be happy about this, nor will the security boys over at LowSec, so it's the second part that's tricky.

Bonus Objective: Non-Lethal

Penalty Condition: Identified by Target

[ Reward ] 400 EXP | +2 WLTH | +2 Rep [ Section 7 ] Edit

[ Bonus 1 ] +1 Rep [ Section 7 ] Edit

[ Penalty 1 ] -1 Rep [ Syngenic ] | -1 Rep [ LowSec ] Edit


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