- a group of hunters throwing a roadside party, celebrating the youngest's first successful hunt

- a horse coming down the road, all barded and maybe with personal effects on, but without any rider

- a bruised traveller who got robbed, and trying to get help or a ride to the nearest town. May be a bandit, or not.

- remnants of a big fight that happened, broken bodies and weapons. Maybe no bodies.

- Waystone of token ancient civilization, touching it gives images of the surrounding land.

- Remains of a summoning circle, hinting at a ritual going down some [time] ago.

- Roadside memorial or grave marker, an excuse for fluff exposition

- An abandoned camp. Could be loot in there, or not. Could be signs of what happened and who was there, or not.

- an old man looking for directions, seeming very friendly, and very thankful of the party whether helped or not, hugs, shaking hands and so on. He is trying to pickpocket them, and if discovered will run fast revealing a much younger age.

- a man is blocking a bridge over a river. He was told to defend it by the gods in dreams, and won't let the characters pass. Fight him, reason with him, or just wade through the river.

- the carcass of a big deer is getting eaten by some hungry wolves. They will defend the kill if the party comes too close.

- smell of smoke and a glint of orange in the distance catch the party's attention. They have only moments to decide what to do before a wild fire engulfs the whole area. I alone in here?

- a magical spring that heals your wounds if you drink from it - directly. Can be found only if you're lost.

- a weapon, secreted away in the forest and guarded by a powerful monster, waiting to be wielded by the worthy

- the tracks of something really really big

- hunter's traps laying around. PCs may or may not get their legs stuck in them.

>a pack of hungry, but tame dogs accosts the party. Will not attack if given food, and if followed/tracked afterwards may lead to a sacked settlement/camp. >a site of a recent battle with some bandits. Everything of value seems to be gone. >a wizard asking for directions after a botched teleport spell. >followers of a deity no-one in the party recognises. Peaceful, but subtly sinister. >an old, partially collapsed and very long fence in the middle of the forest.